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Fluid Mechanics I

LecturerProf. Dr.-Ing. J. Seume

L. Stania, M.Sc.
V. Nghiem, M.Sc. 


Time/PlaceCan be found on StudIP

Introduction to fluid dynamics and into the fundamentals of fluid dynamics.

The lecture teaches the fundamentals of fluid dynamics. For this purpose, flow characteristics are explained and the basic equations for the description of the dynamics of flows are presented. In the first part of this lecture, incompressible fluid dynamics are presented. In this context, hydrostatics and hydrodynamics are the main topics. The basic equations of fluid dynamics, such as the continuity equation and the Bernoulli equation, are derived. By applying the basic equations to relevant internal and external flows, students are taught to understand technical problems in fluid dynamics. In preparation for subsequent lectures, an introduction to gas dynamics is given
Recommended Previous Knowledge
  • Engineering Mechanics IV
  • Thermodynamics
Recommended Literature
  • Lecture script
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Type of Exam Written exam
RecommendedFrom 5th semester
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