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Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity of Turbomachinery


Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Seume (TFD)

Dr.-Ing. L. Panning-von Scheidt (IDS)


Felix Fischer, M. Sc.

Mona Amer, M. Sc.


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This lecture priliminary deals with transient processes with a special focus on aeroelastics and aeroacoustics of turbomachinery and gas turbines. For the design and safe operation of aircraft engines several effects like flutter, forced response and the sound generation and propagation are relevant. Within the scope of this lecture these topics were discussed extensively. Firstly, the main physically phenomena and theoretical basics of the together interacting topics structure, airflow, sound waves and Vibro-Acoustics are discussed. Secondly, the theoretical explained physics are shown by selected experimental examples. The lecture is intended for students, who have interest in work with promising multidisciplinary challenges.

  • Sound generation and transportation
  • Aerothermoacoustics
  • Basics of aeroelastics
  • Aeroelastic effects (flutter, forced vibrations, acoustic reonance)
  • Stability and design criteria
  • Damping characteristics (aerodynamics and structure)
  • Mistuning (structure and aerodynamics)
  • Experimental tests (methodology and equipment)
  • Discussion of the effects using the example of a turbo machine
Recommended Previous Knowledge
  • Fluid Mechanics I and II
  • Technical Mechanics
  • Machine Dynamics
Recommended Literature
  • Ehrenfried, K.: „Strömungsakustik“, Skript zur Vorlesung, 2004.
  • Rienstra, S.W.; Hirschberg, A.: An Introduction to Acoustics, Eindhofen University of Technology, 2004.
  • Dowell, E. H.; Clark, R.: „A Modern Course in Aeroelasticity“, Kluwer Academic Pub., 2004.
  • Fung, Y. C.: „An Introduction to the Theory of Aeroelasticity“, Dover Pubn. Inc, 2008
  • Försching, H.W.: „Grundlagen der Aeroelastik“, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1974
Characteristics -
Type of Exam Written exam
RecommendedFrom 7th semester