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Steady and unsteady pressure measurement instrumentation

Field of Application

  • Measurement of steady and unsteady pressures in turbomachinery
  • Stall detection


  • Piezo-resistive pressure probes
  • Available measurement range:

    • Steady: 10” WC, 20” WC, 1 PSI, 2.5 PSI, 5 PSI, 10 PSI, 30 PSI, 45 PSI, 100 PSI
    • Unsteady: 5 PSI, 10 PSI, 25 PSI, 50 PSI

  • Measurement resolution:

    • Steady: 0.003% FS
    • Unsteady: infinitesimal

  • Measurement accuracy:

    • Steady: 0.15% FS (≤ 2.5 PSI); 0.05% FS >2.5 PSI
    • Unsteady: 0.1% FS

  • Sample rate: up to 100 samples per channel and second


The highly accurate steady differential pressure sensors manufactured by Esterline Pressure Systems enable precise steady pressure measurements for experimental investigations. Built as rack mounted modules (type 9816), they offer a high degree of flexibility. At the TFD, these interchangeable modules are used on all test rigs, facilitating fast and straightforward sensor adjustments to changes in measurement conditions and requirements. Together with the possibility to calibrate the modules using in-house facilities, the highest possible measurement accuracy is always ensured.

Unsteady miniature pressure probes manufactured by Kulite are utilized for many different applications at the TFD, including stall detection in the context of test rig monitoring and blade surface pressure measurements. Due to their small size and our workshop personnel’s high expertise, instrumentation in almost all turbomachinery areas is possible. Sensors are mounted inside blades in such a way that the flow is not disturbed. Furthermore, unsteady pressure probes are used in the assembly of unsteady multiple-hole probes for velocity and flow vector measurements inside turbo-machines. Their high temporal resolution and unique measurement accuracy make highly accurate unsteady pressure measurements possible.

Additional information about the pressure measurement instrumentation used at the TFD can be found on the websites of Esterline Pressure Systems and Kulite.


Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Willeke