The Building of the TFD

The Building of the TFD

When Karl Bammert was appointed professor in 1955, the Institute of Fluid Mechanics (known today as the Institute of Turbomachinery and Fluid-Dynamics, TFD) was located at five different sites on the University of Hannover campus. His colleague, Gustav Flügel, is said to have jokingly offered him a seat at his own desk. Building a new, centralized institute was one of Bammert’s main responsibilities during his time as chair. The Niedersachsen state government granted 1.5 million DM in 1958 for construction. “Dr. Bammert will be responsible for the equipment of the new institute himself, without further state grants being awarded”, was the agreement at the time. Despite that, he was able to acquire an additional 4.5 million – six times the original sum - from industrial partners and research associations for the acquisition of equipment, machines and test rigs. He accomplished this thanks to his achievements in research and science, his persuasiveness and finally, his courage.

Construction Phases

  • September 1958: Start of construction
  • 1960: Office building ready for occupation
  • March 1962: Completion of construction
  • 1968: Measurement chambers, cooling tower
  • 1972: Measurement chamber for the filtration chamber
  • 1974: Measurement chamber for the turbine rig


Test Rigs

  • Plane cascade wind tunnels
  • Rotationally symmetrical cascade wind tunnel
  • Multi-stage axial turbine
  • Multi-stage axial compressor
  • Radial compressors
  • Turbo charger test rigs
  • Calibration rig supply: Up to 8 bar, up to 11 kg/s - Direct current up to 2.4 MW
Picture - New Building of the TFD Picture - New Building of the TFD Picture - New Building of the TFD