Research Projects - Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity and Wind Energy


  • Analytical Investigation of Acoustic Resonance in Multistage Axial Compressors
  • BliDes - Experimental investigation of compressor flutter
  • Citizen Aircraft - Investigation of Sound Transport Mechanisms in Low Pressure Turbines
  • Development and experimental verification of a method for acoustic excitation of rotating blade grids
  • Experiemental investigation of acoustic resonance in a 4-stage axial compressor


  • Acoustic excitation of blade vibrations for the investigation of aerodynamic damping
  • Experimental tests on transmission and reflection of sound modes in low-pressure turbine lattices
  • Numerical sensitivity analysis for sound generation and reduction in the forward core engine
  • FB 871 TP C4 - Aeroelasticity of turbine blades
  • SFB 871 TP C6 - Aeroelasticity of compressor blisks
  • Smart blades flow simulation and noise estimation of wind turbine blades with flaps
  • Grid forced vibrations of turbines
  • Mistuning with aerodynamic coupling
  • Aeroelasticity of low-pressure compressors of future UHBR engines