Research Projects - Axial Turbines


  • Further development of the background schlieren method for application in turbomachinery (Herbst)
  • Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Rotor-Tower Interaction in Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (Gomez)
  • Influence of downstream area on ventilation and effect of ventilation on blade seals (Binner)
  • Secondary flows in turbine diffusers (Kuschel)
  • Innovative 3D blade geometries (Kwitschinski)
  • Unsteady Work Optimized Turbine (Biester/Henke)
  • Influence of spinner geometry on unsteady flow in the blade root region of modern wind turbines (Lin)
  • Smart Blades: Flow Simulation of Blades with Flexible Trailing Edges (Wolff)


  • Optical field measurements of rotor blade deformations (Lehnhoff)
  • Probabilistic safety assessment of offshore wind turbines (Ernst)
  • SFB 871 TP A3 - Condition assessment of an engine by analysis of the exhaust gas jet (Hartmann)
  • Optimal shroud recut for turbine blades (Kluge/Wein)
  • Innovative steam turbine blade path for high power densities (Bittner)
  • SmartBlades2: Construction, testing and further development of intelligent rotor blades (Jätz/Wolff)
  • DF Wind: German Wind Energy Research Platform (Lehnhoff)