Basic Laboratory

The Basic Laboratory is designed to teach students the practical implementation of mechanical and metrological problems through various experiments. Experiments are carried out in small groups at the participating institutes of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and evaluated together. The various experiments are conducted in the fields of transport, manufacturing, combustion and measuring technology, so that participants gain a broad insight into technical problems.


The implementation of the Basic Laboratory is divided into the metrological part at the Institute of Measurement and Automatic Control (IMR) and the mechanical part at the various institutes of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In the metrological part, one experiment is provided for each participant. For further details, please refer to the special notice of the IMR. As part of the mechanical part of the Basic Laboratory, each student has to participate in 1 to 4 experiments depending on the field of study. We offer three fields, each with different experiments.

1 experiment in the

metrological laboratory

conducted at the Institute of Measurement and Automatic Control (IMR)

and to conduct 1 to 4 experiments in the

mechanical engineering

at the various institutes of the Department of Mechanical Engineering


Registration is only possible in groups of 6 participants. An opportunity to independently form groups (separated according to mechanical engineers and industrial engineers!) will be given during the registration.

Each group of participants selects experiments from the range of experiments depending on the field of study and thus depending on the laboratories required to pass the test. For example, mechanical engineering students select one experiment from each experimental field (fields I - III). In order to enable as many students as possible to participate in the Basic Laboratory, 1 further experiment is assigned to the respective participant groups. This results in 5 experiments for mechanical engineers, which lead to the Basic Laboratory being passed. Students of the field of study Industrial Engineering or Production and Logistics only have to complete 2 experiments to successfully pass the Basic Laboratory, whereby 1 experiment can be selected. Students of further fields of study please check in advance whether you need the Basic Laboratory as a study achievement and how many experiments you have to carry out.


For further information please see the announcements in the Stud.IP event Kleine Laborarbeit (AML).

The schedule for the experiments, as well as the final group classification will be announced with a notice from the respective institutes and on StudIP.