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Europa (Erasmus+)

The ERASMUS + program is initiated and funded by the European Union (EU). The program offers students the opportunity to study abroad within Europe. The tuition fees at the foreign university will be not applied and a mobility grant will be awarded.


The TFD has an ERASMUS + cooperation with the following universities:

FinlandLappeenranta:             Lappeenrann Teknillinen Yliopisto
Thessaloniki:  Aristoteleio Panepistimio Thessalonikis
EnglandBristol:Bristol University
Cranfield:  Cranfield University


Detailed information and testimonials in german can be found using the links above.

Requirements and Application Process

The ERASMUS+ contacts of TFD can be used by all students of mechanical engineering and related courses (eg industrial engineering). The basic requirement is good academic performance. Ideally, you also have worked as a student assistant at the TFD and / or have written a project thesis at the TFD.

  • At the time of application, you must be enrolled at LUH and at least in the 3rd semester.
  • One Erasmus + grant per degree is possible (1x Bachelor, 1x Master and 1x during the PhD).

The application deadline for the ERASMUS+ program is 15th January for the following academic year. Your application should comprise:

  • Individual letter detailing both the motivation for a study abroad, as well as the reason for the chosen university
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Transcript of records
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Optional: bachelor’s certificate, recommendation letter, language certificates


Vladislav Pak, M. Sc.

Email:                 erasmustfd.uni-hannover.de
Phone:     +49 511 762 17865