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Dipl.-Ing. Tim Kluge

Assistant Head of Group
room: 203, Geb. 8140

phone:+49 511 762 4233

Bild von Dipl.-Ing. Tim Kluge


  • Axial turbines
  • Aerodynamics
  • Cavities of turbine blade shrouds

Research Projects

Experimental research of the flow in rotor shroud cavities of axial turbines

As political and economic standards are intensified and the demand on aircraft engine efficiency increases it is vital to minimise losses. One such aerodynamic loss is the leakage flow through blade shroud seals. The development of innovative turbine blade shroud cavities with optimised sealing concepts requires detailed insight into local flow phenomena. To this end, experimental data is collected and compared to computational simulations to identify mechanisms of loss generation linked to shroud leakage.


  • Doctoral Studies: Institute of Turbomachinery and Fluid Dynamics, Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Research Focus: Experimental investigation of innovative blade shroud geometries for axial low pressure turbines
  • Diploma Thesis: Selection, Implementation and Validation of Methods for Measurement and Analysis of Time-Resolved Flow Field Measurements in a Model Air Turbine
  • Thesis: Development of a Concept for the Processing of Measurement Data from a Laboratory Scale Air Turbine in Real Time and a Comprehensive Analysis of the Measurement Uncertainty of All Measured Values and Output Quantities Including the Implementation in Matlab
  • Thesis: Segregation Characteristics of Gas-fluidised Particle Beds with Wide Particle Size Distributions (University of Bristol, Bristol, UK)
  • Mechanical Engineering: Leibniz Universität Hannover. 2007 – 2014

Work Experience

  • Current Position: Research assistant at the Institute of Turbomachinery and Fluid Dynamics, since 2014
  • Head of the Axial Turbines Group: Since May 2016
  • Internship: Siemens AG, Testing & validation for gas turbines, Berlin, 2013