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Small helicopter gas turbine

In the field of energy  technology and process engineering, the TFD offers interesting research and teaching with a focus on fluid mechanics and turbomachinery. For this purpose, lectures and exercises are held for the students. The wide range of content of the lectures will be deepened in the exercises and explained by means of practical examples.

TitleSemesterLanguageType of Course
Aerodynamics and Aeroelastics of Wind TurbinesWSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery (previously Fluid Machinery I)WSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Aerodynamics of VehiclesWSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Computational Fluid DynamicsWSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Rotor AerodynamicsWSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Fluid Mechanics IWSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Fluid Mechanics IIWSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Positive Displacement Machines for Compressible MediaWSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Heavy-Duty Gas TurbinesWSEnglishLecture/ theoretical exercise
Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity of TurbomachinerySSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Steam TurbinesSSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Aircraft EnginesSSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Lecture "Transformation of the Energy System"SSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Stationary Gas Turbines (previously Turbomachinery II)SSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Fluids Measurements and Design of ExperimentsSSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
TurbochargersSSGermanLecture/ theoretical exercise
Master Laboratory Energy TechnologyWSGermanLaboratory
Basic Laboratory (AML)SS + WSGermanLaboratory
MOOC Aircraft Engines WSEnglishLaboratory
Advanced LaboratorySSGermanLaboratory
Design, Simulation and Testing of Linear Cascades (ASES)WSGermanTutorial
Design of Experiments (DoE)SS + WSGermanTutorial
Flight Performance MeasurementsSSGermanTutorial
Tutorial for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)SSGermanTutorial