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Institute of Turbomachinery and Fluid Dynamics

Executive Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Seume
 Jörg Seume  Jörg Seume


Dipl.-Ing. Ole Wil Willers
Chief Engineer
 Ole Wil Willers  Ole Wil Willers

Assistant to the Management

Jenna Hagenberger, Staatl. Gepr. Betriebsw.
 Jenna Hagenberger  Jenna Hagenberger

IT Representatives

Non-public person


Antje Fulde
 Antje Fulde  Antje Fulde
Carla Hagen, M.A.
Personnel Matters & Doctoral Supervision
 Carla Hagen  Carla Hagen
Nina Huwald, Betriebswirtin VWA
Finance & Office Management
 Nina Huwald  Nina Huwald
Schamcia Saradj, Kfr. für Büromanagement
Secretariat / Finance
 Schamcia Saradj  Schamcia Saradj

System/Application Support

Dipl.-Inf. Sven Schumacher
 Sven Schumacher  Sven Schumacher


Prof. Dr. Markus Raffel
 Markus Raffel  Markus Raffel

Group Leader

Niklas Maroldt, M.Sc.
Aeroacoustics, Aeroelasticity and Wind Energy
 Niklas Maroldt  Niklas Maroldt
Dr.-Ing. Dajan Mimic
Axial Compressors
 Dajan Mimic  Dajan Mimic
Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Nachtigal
Turbochargers and Centrifugal Compressors
 Philipp Nachtigal  Philipp Nachtigal

Research Staff

Dominik Ahrens, M.Sc.
 Dominik Ahrens  Dominik Ahrens
Jonathan Binder, M.Sc.
 Jonathan Binder  Jonathan Binder
Dominik Blechschmidt, M.Sc.
 Dominik Blechschmidt  Dominik Blechschmidt
Josué-Inocente Camarero Pueyo, M.Sc.
 Josué-Inocente Camarero Pueyo  Josué-Inocente Camarero Pueyo
Raffaele Carandente, M.Sc.
 Raffaele Carandente  Raffaele Carandente
Dr. Kenan Cengiz, Ph.D.
 Kenan Cengiz  Kenan Cengiz
Maximilian Dammann, M.Sc.
 Maximilian Dammann  Maximilian Dammann
Pascal Franke, M.Sc.
 Pascal Franke  Pascal Franke
Andreas van der Heiden, M.Sc.
 Andreas van der Heiden  Andreas van der Heiden
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Henke
 Michael Henke  Michael Henke
Christoph Küstner, M.Sc.
Deputy Group Leader Turbochargers and Centrifugal Compressors
 Christoph Küstner  Christoph Küstner
Stefanie Lohse, M.Sc.
 Stefanie Lohse  Stefanie Lohse
Jasson Printezis, M.Sc.
 Jasson Printezis  Jasson Printezis
Dipl.-Ing. Henning Rätz
 Henning Rätz  Henning Rätz
Dipl.-Ing. Johanna Schuler
 Johanna Schuler  Johanna Schuler
Lennart Stania, M.Sc.
Deputy Group Leader Aeroacoustics, Aeroelasticity and Wind Energy
 Lennart Stania  Lennart Stania
Marcel Stöwer, M.Sc.
 Marcel Stöwer  Marcel Stöwer
Dominik Suchla, M.Sc.
 Dominik Suchla  Dominik Suchla
Philipp Wölk, M.Sc.
 Philipp Wölk  Philipp Wölk

Lecturing Staff

Dr.-Ing. Jan Ehrhard
Dr.-Ing. Hans-Ulrich Fleige
Dr.-Ing. Florian Herbst
Dr.-Ing. Nils Paul van Hinsberg
Dr.-Ing. Claus Christian Wolf


Zoe Rahmann
 Zoe Rahmann  Zoe Rahmann
Rick Ullmann
 Rick Ullmann  Rick Ullmann
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