Turbocharging of Combustion Engines and Fuel Cells

The module provides specific knowledge about the functionality and working principle of charging systems for combustion engines and fuel cells.


Recommended for 6th Semester


A successful completion of the module enables students to

  • classify different charging principles according to their specific characterisitcs
  • describe interdependencies between charging system and engine
  • perform fundamental design calculations for turbochargers
  • analyze thermodynamic characteristic maps of turbines and compressors and evaluate them with respect to engine requirements
  • identify relevant failure mechanisms and deduce lifetime predictions from these

This course is highly practical in its approach!

Recommended Previous Knowledge

  • Aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery
  • Combustion Engines I

Recommended Literature

  • Lecture notes
  • Pucher, Zinner: Aufladung von Verbrennungsmotoren, Springer Vieweg Verlag, 2012
  • Baines: Fundamentals of Turbocharging, ConceptsNREC, 2005

Type of Examination

  • Written/oral exam


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Dr.-Ing. Jan Ehrhard
Lecturing Staff