Measurement Technology

Nowadays, experimental research requires the use of increasingly precise measurement methods in order to map even small-scale physical phenomena and to be able to analyze their influences on the technical system under investigation.

Since its foundation, the institute has been able to gather and develop extensive experience in the field of static and dynamic measurement techniques in the course of numerous research projects in the field of turbomachinery and fluid dynamics. Thus, extensive know-how exists in the use of commercial measuring systems as well as in self-development and self-construction in order to contribute to the research and further development of an efficient and resource-saving energy conversion.

Our competences

  • Selection and suitable positioning (also via CFD) of measurement technology
  • Instrumentation of test objects or test benches
  • Use of commercial measurement technology
  • Development of own measurement technology
  • Manufacturing of probes and probe combs
  • Calibration
  • Programming of data acquisition
  • Comprehensive analysis and documentation of the recorded data